We also breed and train quarter horses. We use our horses for field trials, training, packing and hunting. We also stand a buckskin quarter horse stallion, Docs Roping Wranger (Rope) for stud service. Rope is bred Doc Bar on top and his dam is an own daughter of Rocket Wrangler. Please see his page below for more details on our stallion. I was raised around horses and have spent my whole lifetime around them. I love them as much as I love our dogs. The name "Wrangler" Kennels was derived from that direct relation of love and respect for both dogs and horses. Our history with horses even led us to the racetracks of New Mexico. My father and I had race horses in the late 80's and early 90's. In 1992 my father earned the NM Quarter Horse Breeder of the Year and we also had the NM Racing 3 Year Old Colt of the Year with the bloodlines we were producing at that time. Quarter horse racing is much different these days with the casinos now being implemented at the race tracks in New Mexico. The purses are much bigger now because of the supplemental money. Although we don't breed running horses any longer we have crossed some of those race lines with cow bred horses. The end result is somewhat like the dogs we are breeding. You have to cross high performance and proven foundation bloodlines to get the balance you are looking for. Our family will always own bird dogs and along with those great dogs, we will always own very well bred quarter horses.


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