Here at Wrangler Kennels we road and exercise our dogs 3 to 4 times a week in order to keep our dogs in top condition. We used to road by horseback but now our Polaris Ranger has cut the exercise time considerably. Our Polaris Ranger is used for roading, training and hunting. I can't stress enough how much of a positive impact it has made at our kennel not to mention all the great hunting spots it can get you into.

I fabricated a 2" spare tire receiver for the front of the Polaris and then fabricated a 1 1/2" receiver roading bar that is about 5ft. long that fits into the 2" receiver. It has a cross bar on it that can easily road/exercise 4 dogs at once. The roading bar is completely removed by a single pin. The spare tire receiver is also removable by a single pin. It is very secure and very stable and the dogs love to run in front of it. Please call if you would like exact dimensions on the roading bar or if you have other questions on the setup. Also, I am able to carry all the necessities I need to road, train or hunt in my Polaris.

Mike Walters of Brite-n-Lite Dog Boxes manufactured a 6 hole aluminum dog box that fits in the bed of my Polaris and can also be transported to my pick up truck. The box was manufactured and completed not long after these roading pictures were taken. Mike was great in working with me to create this aluminum dog box and I believe he will have a high demand for this box. I looked long and hard for a box like this that could be transported instead of mounted to the frame. Please go to our home page and scroll down the main menu to the very bottom under brite -n- lite dog boxes to view pictures of this box both on the Polaris and the bed of my truck.

Closer look at our roading/exercising setup.

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